We're a very small rabbitry located in northern Macomb County in Michigan.
We specialize in sustaining the American Heritage breed American Chinchilla.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

RIP Scooter

We are extremely grieved by the loss of our head herd buck, Scooter Bay (aka Scooter). He passed away in my arms early Friday morning (yesterday). He was a wonderful family pet and buck for our herd. He helped to establish Great & Small Rabbitry.

Scooter was found at the local flea market by my son. Out of the large selection of baby rabbits the vendor had, my son latched on to that tiny little bunny with the huge ears! So, lighter one Hamilton bill, we took him home and the rest is history. Because of this rabbit, we have dedicated the work of our rabbitry to saving his breed, American Chinchilla, from becoming extinct; we have made so many new friends within the rabbit industry; and, we were blessed to have had the sweetest, most loving pet anyone could ever hope for. Scooter used to follow my son around the backyard, very much like a dog, and sit with him in the shade of the tree while he read a book. He taught my son responsibility and conscientiousness. I am finding it difficult to find words now.

Scooter lives on in the faces of his children, grand children and great grand children! This was another very important desire of my son's.

Rest in Peace, sweet, sweet Scooter. The barn and the backyard won't be the same without you, dear bunny.