We're a very small rabbitry located in northern Macomb County in Michigan.
We specialize in sustaining the American Heritage breed American Chinchilla.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Happy 2013

Hey all!

We had a very busy end-of-year for 2012 in and outside of our bunny world
and we're looking forward to a productive 2013!

We tried breeding our American Chin and Holland does but were unsuccessful many times over. However, Louise did settle and gave us a 7-count kit litter on December 20! Here's a picture of the little ones at one week of age:
We also took-in a feral domesticated rabbit who we named "Sophia."
And, unbeknownst to us Sophia was pregnant and had six kits. Only three survived unfortunately, but they are adorable and growing by leaps and bounds!
Lastly, here's a pic of Louise's kits which are just about one month old now.
We can't wait to see their type and how their rings are coming along as they grow.

We're looking forward to attending shows this year and will be updating where we'll be attending under "show schedule" soon.

Thanks for reading and check back with us again soon!

Dave, Cindy & Liam