We're a very small rabbitry located in northern Macomb County in Michigan.
We specialize in sustaining the American Heritage breed American Chinchilla.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

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Mid-Michigan Rabbit Breeder's Association ~ Ionia, Michigan • 9/8/12
(originally published 9/9/12) 

We took part in the first day of the Mid Michigan's Rabbit Breeders Association's two-day rabbit and cavy show this weekend in Ionia, Michigan. The day started early rising at 4:00am and we were loaded with rabbits and on the road by 4:45am. We arrived shortly after 7:00am, unloaded and registered the rabbits we wanted to show. We then settled down and waited for the show to begin.

We took part in both the A & B showings entering both our Holland Lops and American Chinchillas. Our ratings were as follows in the Youth category

1st in Fur, Show A -- Holland Lop, "Gidgit," SSD
BOB, Shows A & B -- American Chinchilla, "Blue Belle," JD
BOS, Show B -- American Chinchilla, "Ogemaw," JB

We also had 8 American Chinchillas for sale from the breedings of Thelma & Louise with our Scooter. We're happy to report that 6 of the gorgeous breed were sold to breeders and enthusiasts alike. Even "Vincent," our earless buddy was purchased and will be well cared for.

We also added to our herd with the purchase of two tiny Holland Lop bucks. "Oxy" of Audrey's Bunny Basket and "Ollie" of EJ's Bunnies and Bouquets have joined the group. Oxy is a tiny, wiry little guy at only 3 months and Ollie shows the maturity of a grown buck at only 5 months of age. Both little guys need some time to grow and mature, as well as get to know us before we can start breeding more Hollands. Wish us luck!
The next show we'll be attending is the Ann Arbor Rabbit Breeders Assn show at the Wastenaw county fairgrounds in Saline, Michigan. We'll have one Holland Lop doe and two American Chinchillas (one doe, one buck) for sale at that time. If you're interested in seeing them, stop by our space -- look for our name. See you there!